01. Material overview

Partition is the separation of space, which can make the decoration design more changeable, such as partition walls, partitions, movable display panels, movable screens, movable partitions, movable screens, movable soundproof walls, etc.

Partitions can not only break the inherent pattern and distinguish spaces of different natures, but also make the living environment rich in changes, realize mutual communication between spaces, and provide a larger space for the living room where art and taste are integrated.

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02. Material classification

1) Movable partition

The large space can be divided into several small spaces at any time, or the small space can be integrated into a large space and a movable wall with general wall functions.

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Specific features:

a. No ground rail suspension: install the rail on the ceiling;

b.Stable and reliable, not easy to swing;

c. Sound insulation and environmental protection, heat insulation and energy saving, efficient fire prevention;

d. Beautiful appearance, flexible storage and storage, convenient storage;

e. Widely used

2) High partition

It is a kind of indoor non-load-bearing wall and is the most commonly used facility for dividing indoor space. The partition wall requires fire resistance, seismic series requirements, impact resistance requirements, long-term use requirements, detachable requirements, and environmental protection requirements.

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3) Middle partition

The invisible decorative semi-partition form is adopted, which not only has the function of dividing the area, but also has the effect of decoration.

4) Partition door

The partition door can make the effect of sound insulation and heat preservation, and it has the features of convenient installation.

5) Other categories

Soft partition, strip partition, push-pull partition, keel partition, masonry partition, etc.

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03.Material Specifications

1) Glass partition

The size of the safe glass partition is 2440*3600, 2134*3050, 2440*3300, 1830*2400;

(If the glass partition is used in a large area, the partition size should be 10mm or 12mm, and the height should be about 1.1m)

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2) Classical partition: screen

The size of classical design screen partitions is not uniform, single screen, four fans, six fans, ten fans, twelve fans, generally the total height is between 2.5-3m, the width depends on the shape of the partition and the actual use requirements.

06 Classical Design Partition_6_11zon

3) partition

The size of the indoor partition is generally 200mm, and the height can be up to 3000mm (the specific height is determined on site). The thickness is generally 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, and the size adjustment error is plus or minus 12mm.

04. Application case

1) Office

2) Cabinet partition

3) Home furnishing partition