stainless steel water ripple board

01. Material overview

Stainless steel water ripple, also known as water wave stainless steel, water pattern stainless steel, water wave stainless steel, is based on the reflective properties of 8K mirror stainless steel, and the smooth and uneven surface of the stainless steel plate is realized by stamping, and the final achievement is similar to the effect of water ripples.

stainless steel water ripple board

02. Product Features

1. Safety, environmental protection, fire prevention

Commercial spaces have high requirements for fire protection. Many sales centers, department stores, and hotels will use large areas of stainless steel water ripple boards for decoration.

2. Durable, impact-resistant, corrosion-resistant and not fading

Corrosion and colorfast resistance make it suitable for use on exterior walls and wet areas.

3. The decorative effect is strong, and the mirror effect is very three-dimensional.

The mirrored stainless steel water ripple board is applied to the top ceiling, which will make the whole space transparent, and the depth changes under different light or lighting. The sparkling visual effect greatly deepens the sense of spatial hierarchy, and will spread out into visuals similar to Impressionist paintings.

4. Easy to clean, maintenance-free, no fingerprints

The stainless steel water ripple board does not need too much maintenance, if there is any stain, just wipe it with a rag.

stainless steel water ripple board

03. Construction process

Before installation, cut and fold according to the actual size of the site.

1. Inner wall

a. First use the board to make a base.

b. Glass glue or joist is used for the installation of the background wall.

c. The ceiling glass glue and joist + screws are installed and fixed.

d. If there are special shapes, it is necessary to use a welding machine for welding.

stainless steel water ripple board

2. Exterior wall

Directly use the glass glue and joist + screws to install and fix.

stainless steel water ripple board


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