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Aluminum screens have unique advantages in the application of metal screens, and are very popular among customers. LMC Metal will introduce you the knowledge and purchase guide of aluminum carving screens in this article and the following aspects:

1. What is aluminum screen

2. The benefits of aluminum screen

3. Material selection of aluminum screen

4. The price range of aluminum screen

5. The processing process of aluminum screen

6. How to order aluminum screen

7. How to install aluminum screen

8. The difference between aluminum sculpture screen and stainless steel plate screen

9. The difference between aluminum screen and copper screen

10. Application scenes of aluminum screen


What is Aluminum Screen?

Aluminum screen refers to a screen made of solid aluminum plate carved patterns, which is a kind of metal screen. The main function of the aluminum screen is to be used as a room divider or as a metal background wall.


The features of aluminum screen

Features of aluminum screen:

1. Strong metal texture and rich surface treatment.
2. Cost-effective.
3. Relief processing can be realized
4. Low density and light weight
5. Good fire performance.
6. Environmentally friendly, the material can be recycled and reused.


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△Source: LMC Metal, Aluminium Screen, Qinghai Baicaotang Footmassage Shop.2018


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Material selection of aluminum screen

1. Material: Type 5052# medium-thick aluminum plate is generally used. This model of aluminum plate is suitable for cutting and engraving.

2. Thickness: Generally, there are the following specifications: 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 20mm, 30mm, and 40mm.

*8 mm can be used for single-sided relief, and 10 mm or more can be used for double-sided relief. The thicker the aluminum plate, the deeper the relief effect can be showed.


△Source: LMC Metal,40mm Thick Aluminum Screen

3. Processing technology: There are generally two cutting processes: CNC and laser cutting. The difference between the two processing methods is as follows.


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  • Laser cutting is only suitable for flat cutting. Because the aluminum plate is a highly reflective metal material, the laser cutting machine should pay attention to the model of the laser generator when cutting the aluminum plate. Not all laser cutting machines can cut this highly reflective metal.

  • The thickness of laser cutting is generally less than 20 mm and more than 20 mm, it is recommended to use CNC engraving.

  • The advantage of laser cutting is that it is fast and there is no limit to the cutting pattern.

  • The advantages of laser cutting on thin plates will be more obvious.

  • There is no big difference between laser cutting and CNC cutting in the section of sheet cutting. But the difference between the end parts of laser cutting and CNC cutting is relatively large for thicker plates. CNC machining is made by piercing with a tool and then cutting, so the cross section will be very smooth.

  • Laser cutting is cut by a laser light source. The thicker the aluminum plate is, the power of the laser light source will attenuate. If it reaches the bottom, there will be slag or continuous cutting. In this case, the back side needs to be dealt with.

  • The advantage of CNC cutting is that the edges of the sections and ports can be very smooth.

  • CNC cutting can control the depth, and then make it into three-dimensional shape, which can realize the effect of relief.


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4. Surface treatment

After the aluminum screen is finished, the surface treatment generally has the following steps:

● Spraying treatment. There are two main techniques for spraying treatment: one is powder coating and the other is paint spraying. The screen after spraying treatment can effectively isolate the corrosion of air.

● Plating treatment. There are generally two types of electroplating treatment, one is water plating. One is vacuum plating. The principles of the two processes are different. For environmental protection reasons, vacuum plating is generally recommended at present.

It should be noted that if you use stainless steel frame and aluminum together to do electroplating, the two colors will be slightly different.

● Sandblasting. Sandblasting can make the surface of the screen show a uniform and delicate effect, but sandblasting cannot isolate the air, so it needs to be sprayed after sandblasting.


△Source: LMC Metal, Surface Treatments of Aluminium Divider


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Price range of aluminum screen

The price range of aluminum screens is generally between 100USD to 800 USD. Specifically related to the following factors:

1. Material thickness: If you only need plane engraving, any thickness below 8mm can be satisfied. If you need embossed pattern, the material needs to be more than 8mm. The thicker the material, the more expensive it is. Material is the main cost of aluminum screen.

2. Process: It depends on whether the process you choose is flat carving or relief.

In the case of plane engraving: the more complex the pattern, the more expensive the unit price. The same pattern, using different thicknesses, the processing cost will also be different. The thicker the thickness, the more expensive the processing cost.

Embossing: Depends on how deep and detailed you need it. The deeper the depth, the longer the processing time and the higher the process cost. The higher the level of precision required, the more expensive the unit price will be. In the case of the same pattern, the processing time of carved can reach 2~3 times of ordinary relief.

3. Surface treatment: The surface treatment of aluminum screens is relatively rich. Generally speaking, the surface treatment price is the lowest by spraying. If various processes are required to be superimposed, more costs will be incurred for surface treatment.

4. Order quantity: There are many processes for aluminum screens, from design to cutting and engraving production, and then to various surface treatments. You can realize on-demand customization in every link. If the order quantity is large, generally you can get more discounts.


△Source: LMC Metal, Antique Cooper Aluminum Divider


Introduction to the processing flow of aluminum screen

The processing process of Aluminum screen mainly includes the following processes:

1. Drawing
2. Cut raw material
3. Aluminum sheet processing
4. Weld the frame
5. Surface treatment
7. Packing and shipping


△Source: LMC Metal, Design of Aluminum Screen


△Source: LMC Metal, Antique Cooper Aluminum Divider


△Source: LMC Metal, Antique Cooper Aluminum Divider


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△Source: LMC Metal,3D Design Before Aluminum Screen Production


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How to order aluminum screen

The process of ordering aluminum screens is as follows.

1. Confirm the size: Confirm the on-site size and handle the dimensionality reduction, confirm the quantity to order.

2. Confirm the design.

3. Confirm color and surface treatment. It is recommended to make color samples first before the batch products.

4. Confirm the order amount, payment method, delivery time, packaging type, and other key trading conditions, and then pay the deposit for the factory to start production.

5. Quality inspection of the production process. Duo to screen products are difficult to rework after electroplating, it is recommended to do an inspection before electroplating and other surface treatments. You can ask the factory to send you a photo of the blank material before color plating for confirmation. The items you need to check are generally the following:

● Whether the pattern matches the design pattern.

● Whether the size matches the design pattern.

● For embossed products: It is recommended to check whether the fineness of the pattern meets your requirements.

6. Inspection before shipment.



How to install aluminum screen

The process of installing the aluminum screen is as follows:

1. Provide accurate size to our factory, this point is very important. This needs to be provided to the factory before ordering. Pay attention to the margin when measuring the size on site. If you do not know how to measure, it is recommended that you contact LMC Metal. We will provide you with more information.

2. Measure the size of the incoming product to see if it matches the size on site.

3. Install the screen according to the installation guide. The installation guide is as follows:

4. Finished product protection.

If you want to learn more, I suggest you click the link below, or contact Bob directly. (specific link)


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△Source: LMC Metal, H7000mm Ultra High Aluminum Divider


The difference between Aluminum screen and stainless steel screen

Both stainless steel screens and aluminum screens are metal screens. In some cases, the two can even replace each other. For example, a flat cut screen less than 10mm. The following are the specific differences between the two:

1. Differences in cutting process

Both can be laser cut below 10mm thickness. The raw material will not be very different after cutting.

Below the thickness of 10mm, the processing cost of stainless steel laser cutting will be less than that of aluminum plate. The reason is that the aluminum plate is a highly reflective metal, and there is a risk of damaging the lens when the laser cutting machine cuts the aluminum plate, so the cutting processing cost will be more expensive.

Above 10mm thickness, use laser cutting process: the section cut by stainless steel will be better than that of aluminum plate. However, it is recommended to use CNC cutting process for aluminum plate, no matter what thickness, the cut section will be better than stainless steel.

It should be noted that when using CNC cutting, it should be noted that the cutting tool of CNC cutting is round, so the cutting corners will be rounded. The minimum is generally R3mm.

Stainless steel is generally not cut using CNC. Because the stainless steel is too hard, using CNC to cut stainless steel, the cost of alloy tools is high, the loss is large, and the cost is too high.


△Source: LMC Metal, Details Of Cutting Edge 5mm Laser Cutting Stainless Steel Partition

2. The rendering effect is different

Aluminum plate can achieve three-dimensional relief, stainless steel is limited to flat plate cutting.

3. Different surface treatment options

The surface treatment of stainless steel is more abundant than that of aluminum plate, especially in terms of mirror surface.

4. The difference in weight.

With the same thickness, stainless steel is three times heavier than aluminum.


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The difference between aluminum screen and copper carving screen

Both aluminum and copper plates can use CNC processing. Both materials are suitable for laser cutting and CNC processing, which can be processed into three-dimensional relief effect by CNC processing.

Here are the differences between the two:

1. The cost of materials varies greatly. The density of the copper plate is more than three times that of the aluminum plate, and the weight of the copper plate is three times that of the aluminum plate with the same thickness. At the same time, the price of copper is three times that of aluminum.

2. The colors of the two are different. The copper plate has two alloy colors of brass and red copper, and generally presents brass and red copper. The true color of the aluminum plate is silvery white. If you want to partition screens that are frequently used, such as places where customers can touch them, it is recommended to use copper to make them.

The effect of making old copper plates always fascinates designers, and both aluminum and copper plates can be treated with imitation copper. The process is close, but once the surface treatment is damaged, aluminum can only be aluminum, which will appear silvery white, and the oxidation product is also white. Copper is still copper, and copper oxides will appear green.

There is no advantage or disadvantage between the two, the difference is only in where you want to use it.


△Source: LMC Metal,5mm Cooper Partition


△Source: LMC Metal,5mm Cooper Partition

Application scene of aluminum screen

1. Hotel; can be used for lobby, aisle background wall, and room partition. Public areas such as restaurants can also be used.


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△Source: LMC Metal, Aluminum CNC Embossed Screen For Guangzhou CONRAD HOTEL


△Source: LMC Metal, CNC Aluminum Screen For Guizhou GZRC Headquarters

2. Restaurant; used for space partition.


△Source: LMC Metal, CNC Aluminum Screen For Qinghai BCT Resturant


△Source: LMC Metal, CNC Aluminum Screen For Guizhou GZRC Headquarters


△Source: LMC Metal, CNC Aluminum Screen For Guangzhou Sultan Restaurant

3. Villa; space partition background wall.


△Source: LMC Metal, CNC Aluminum Screen For Villa


△Source: LMC Metal, CNC Aluminum Screen For Villa

4. Entertainment Project (Club/Casino/KTV): space partition, background wall.


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△Source: LMC Metal, CNC Aluminum Screen For Club


As an important type of metal screen partition, the aluminum screen can achieve a variety of different interior design effects. I hope this article can bring you some general understanding. If you would like to know more, please contact LMC for consultation.

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