Stainless Steel Door

Stainless Steel Door and Window System

Stainless steel is an excellent material for customizing metal doors and windows. Compared with aluminum doors and windows, stainless steel doors and windows are not limited by molds and have more flexible product forms, which can be processed into various shapes. Coupled with the rich surface treatment of stainless steel products, it is easier for designers to realize the imagination of shape and texture.

LMC Metal has been making various stainless steel doors and windows for domestic and foreign customers since its establishment. All kinds of stainless steel products are exported overseas and have been recognized by domestic and foreign customers. LMC Metal’s stainless steel door products are used in many important projects, such as the South Headquarters Building of China Communications Group; the Grand Saphire Hotel in the UK; the Devam Wedding Hotel in New Delhi, India, etc.

● Good structural: Stainless steel material has high strength, and strong pressure resistance, not easy to deform.
● Multi shapes for choice: No need for molds, various shapes can be processed according to the designer’s requirements.
● Rich surface treatment: mirror / hairline / electroplating / painting, various effects, a variety of options.
● Good corrosion resistance: metal material, no need to worry about the phenomenon of moth-eaten or collapse.
● Environmental protection: high recycling value, friendly to the environment.

Raw materials:
Various thickness plates (stainless steel): 0.6mm~3.0mm
Various specifications of tube: square tube/round tube

Surface Treatment:
Spray: Fluorocarbon paint & polyester paint; color adjustable
Stainless steel plating: titanium gold, black mirror, rose gold, champagne gold, bronze, sapphire blue, etc.; color adjustable
Etching / hairline / sandblasting / polishing / grinding etc.

Physical process:
Shearing and bending / planing V-groove / welding / laser cutting / punching / drilling

Stainless steel swing door / stainless steel sliding door / stainless steel gate / stainless steel entry door / stainless steel aisle door / stainless steel automatic door / stainless steel floor hinges door / club box door

Site application
Public places / hotels / restaurants / clubs / villas / specialty stores

Q1: What is your customization process?
A1: LMC Metal customization process is as follows:
1. Communicate with customer to understand and confirm the design.
2. Communicate with the customer the size to ensure the length/width/thickness size of the site. The size is generally in mm. Then need to confirm the color and surface treatment.
3. After confirming the order, we will make a detailed design and processing drawing for the customer to confirm according to the site size and design intention provided by the customer. After confirming all details, then will arrange the production.

Q2: How to pay attention when providing on-site dimensions?
A2: Principle: Installation needs to be fully considered. Whether you’re measuring width/height / or depth, need to stick to the smallest size that can fit in.
Our Suggestion:
● 1. The door width needs to be measured three times at different heights, take the smallest size.
● 2. The height of the door needs to be measured in three positions, take the shortest size.
● 3. The thickness of the wall is subject to the thickest part.

Q3: What is the maximum size of doors you can make?
Q3: Our largest door is a single door with a width of 2000mm and a height of 6000mm (this is the largest stainless steel door we can do). This set of doors is a sliding door, applied at the entrance of a star hotel lobby.
Our Suggestion:
● The size of the door needs to consider the shipping conditions.
● The size of the door needs to consider the bearing capacity of the hardware. The heaviest floor hinges door can be made 450KG, and the sliding door can be made heavier.

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