Metal Screen

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P2.metal Screen for decoration

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P4.metal Screen features


  • Durable-Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Metallic textures-Unique design.
  • Solid Construction.
  • Various Combinations. Matched with acrylic, art glass, LED lighting, etc.
  • Environmental & Healthy-Formaldehyde free

Stainless steel screen partition

The application of screens in indoor space can separate a single space and make the indoor space more varied and layered. As an excellent building material, metal materials, such as aluminum and stainless steel, have gradually become a better choice for people to choose to make screens. As a manufacturer specializing in decorative metal building materials, LMC Metal has rich experience in metal screen production.

Product Features of Metal Divider:

  1. Unique metal texture. The metal material has high value and high quality. This is incomparable with other materials.
  2. Rich surface treatment. Metal screens can achieve rich textures such as electroplating/spraying/sandblasting, which can bring different effects.
  3. Excellent structural. Can make super high and super large partitions.
  4. Sturdy and durable. Metal materials are insect-proof and anti-corrosion, and can be used for many years.
  5. Environmentally friendly. With high recycling value of metal materials.

6. Good fire resistance. Aluminum and stainless steel are excellent fireproof materials as metals, which can achieve the fireproof requirements of high-rise and super high-rise buildings for building materials.

Raw Materials for Stainless Steel Partition

Various thickness plates (stainless steel): 0.6mm~3.0mm

Various specifications of tube: square tube / round tube

Surface Treatment for Stainless Steel Diviver

Coating: powder coating/polyester paint/fluorocarbon paint; color adjustable

Stainless steel plating: titanium gold, black mirror, rose gold, champagne gold, bronze, sapphire blue, etc.; color adjustable

Special process: wood grain texture

Etching/drawing/sandblasting/8K mirror, etc.

Physical Technology for Stainless Steel Partition

Shearing and bending/planing V-grooving/welding/laser cutting/punching/drilling/CNC cutting

Applications for Stainless Steel Divider
1. Stainless steel tube screen
2. Stainless steel laser cutting panel screen
3. Stainless steel perforated screen
4. Aluminum hollow screen
5. Aluminum embossed screen
6. Stainless steel crystal screen.

T-Profiles. metal fabrication factory


  • Standard:≤2400mm(8 ft)
  • Extra Size:>2400mm(8 ft)


  • Standard:≤4000mm(13 ft)
  • Extra Size:>2400mm(13 ft)


  • Standard:≤305mm(1 ft)
  • Extra Size:>305mm(1 ft)
The color of stainless steel

stainless steel trim surface treatments

P15.Product Partition of Metal Cabinet

Display Reck

Wine Cellar


Bookshelf/Collection Shelf

Home Decoration


CLUB & Bar/Casino




Metal divider2

△partition wall for restaurant

Metal divider3

△Lasercut partition for garden

Metal divider6

△Hotel lobby metal partition

Metal divider9

△Hotel room partition

Metal divider14

△Stainless steel partition for hotel

Metal divider21

△Lasercut partition for restaurant

Metal divider24

△Partition wall for restaurant

Metal divider7

△Metal frame with art glass partition for hotel

Metal divider8

△Metal frame with art glass partition details

Metal divider10

△Metal partition with glass blocks for hotel

Metal divider11

△Metal partition with glass blocks for hotel

Metal divider13

△Metal partition with glass blocks for hotel

Metal divider17

△Decorative metal wall dividers for hotel

Metal divider18

△Metal frame with laminated glass partition

Metal divider19

△Metal frame with laminated glass partition details

Metal divider20

△Metal frame with moru glass partition details

Metal divider22

△Metal frame with laminated glass partition details

Metal divider28

△Metal frame with stained glass partition

Metal divider29

△Metal frame with stained glass partition details

Metal divider30

△Metal room divider for hotel

Metal divider1

△Metal room partition details

Metal divider27

△Custom stainless steel partition

Metal divider26

△Custom stainless steel partition

Metal divider25

△Stianless steel room partition

Metal divider23

△Stianless steel room partition

Metal divider16

△Stianless steel room partition

Metal divider15

△Stianless steel room partition

Metal divider4

△Metal frame with woven leather partition

Metal divider5

△Metal frame with woven leather partition

Metal divider12

△Perforated metal partition

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