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Interior Metal Ceiling

When people choose the material of the ceiling, the metal ceiling, which has both aesthetics and fire resistance, is an excellent choice. Metal ceilings break through the limitations of many traditional materials and have gradually become the mainstream application of interior decorative ceiling materials. LMC Metal is committed to the production and sales of decorative metal materials, with many years of experience in the production and installation of metal ceilings, and can provide you with comprehensive solutions for metal ceilings.

Features of the metal ceiling:
1. Good fire resistance. Aluminum and stainless steel are excellent fireproof materials as metals, which can achieve the fireproof requirements of high-rise and super high-rise buildings for building materials.
2. Rich surface treatment. Various metal materials surface treatment can achieve the needs of designers.
3. Rich in shape. Combined with metal pipe processing and sheet metal processing of plates, metal ceilings can be made into various shapes to achieve the various creative needs of designers.
4. Durable and not deformed. The metal has excellent structural properties, and the material is not easily corroded.
5. Simply install. We can support the mature keel hoisting system, which is convenient for on-site installation.

Raw materials:
Various thickness plates (stainless steel): 0.6mm~3.0mm
Various specifications of pipes: square tube/round tube

Surface Treatment:
Coating: powder coating/polyester paint/fluorocarbon paint; color adjustable
Stainless steel plating: titanium gold, black mirror, rose gold, champagne gold, bronze, sapphire blue, etc.; color adjustable
Special process: wood grain texture
Etching/drawing/sandblasting/8K mirror, etc.

Physical Technology:
Shearing and bending/planing V-groove/welding/laser cutting/punching/drilling

1. Aluminum square tube/wood grain aluminum square tube ceiling
2. Perforated aluminum ceiling
3. Aluminum grille ceiling
4. Aluminum honeycomb ceiling
5. Stainless steel water corrugated sheet ceiling
6. Mirror stainless steel ceiling
7. Laser-cut stainless steel ceiling
8. Stainless steel honeycomb panel ceiling
9. Customized special shape ceiling

Site application
Public places/hotels/restaurants/clubs/villas/specialty stores

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