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Stainless Steel Cabinet

With the popularity of metal materials, customers have more demand for metal products such as stainless steel cabinets. Metal cabinets have a super anti-corrosion in conventional functions, which is unmatched by ordinary wooden cabinets. Metal materials can achieve a variety of unique surface treatments, matching with new materials such as acrylic or art glass, making metal cabinets a new favorite for high-end home interior design.

LMC metal has been working in the field of metal building materials for over 10 years and is well-versed in the customized production of various metal cabinets. LMC metal has advanced precision equipment, including laser cutting machines and CNC shearing, platen, and planing sheet metal systems, and can produce various types of stainless steel wine cabinets, display cabinets, etc. for customers.

Product Features:

● Durable. Excellent corrosion resistance, stainless steel material has a strong feature, not easy to be moth-eaten and corroded.

● Unique design. Handle various surface treatment effects such as electroplating, painting, and wood grain transfer.

● Solid construction. Achieve the effect of ultra-high, ultra-high and ultra-wide due to the strong features of metal.

● Various combinations. Can be matched with acrylic, art glass, LED lighting, etc. to achieve extraordinary product effects.

● Environmental friendly. Metal plate structure, non-formaldehyde.

How to customized your metal cabinet size dimention

How to customized your metal cabinet size dimention

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Q1: Can provide my own design?

A1: LMC metal cabinets are all customized products, customer can provide their own design. If customer don’t have their own design, can provide us some pictures with intentions. We can make detailed drawings according to customer drawings.

Q2: What is your customization process?

A2: Our customization process is as follows:

1. Communicate with customers to understand and confirm the design.

2. Communicate with the customer the size to ensure the length/width/thickness size of the site. The size is generally in mm. Then need to confirm the color and surface treatment.

3. After confirming the order, we will make a detailed design and processing drawing for the customer to confirm according to the site size and design intention provided by the customer. After confirming all details, then will arrange the production.

Q3: How long is the delivery time?

A3: This needs to be confirmed according to the quantity and designs of the cabinets. Generally, the production time of cabinet products is 15~25 days after the order is confirmed.

Q4: Can you accept OEM or ODM orders?

A4: Yes, we can handle customers’ orders flexibly. Customers can provide us with designs or intentions. We have advanced production equipment, skilled craftsmen, and strong in-depth design capabilities. We can provide you and your brand with products with balanced quality and price. For details, please contact us for further information.

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