A space without a column is an ideal circumstance for the interior designer. But that is only an ideal.

When the space is big enough. there will be a column at least.

Do not let the column become your nightmare. here are some solutions from metal expert Bob.

1.Why Metal Column?

  • Customized, can produce any designs as customer requests.
  • Anti-rust, not easy to oxidize and rust.
  • Durable, able to exist for a long time.
  • Recycle, Environmental Friendly. Stainless steel belongs to the environmental protection building materials with recycling value.

2.Materials Option

– Aluminum

– Decorative stainless steel.

3.Surface Treatments

– 8k mirror/ hairline/ embossed/ etched/ sandblasted/ anti-fingerprint [For Stainless steel only]

– PVDF painting.

– Artificial Wooden Veneer surface.