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Metal ceiling

01. Material Overview

Metal suspended ceilings refer to ceiling decorative materials that use aluminum alloy, steel plate, stainless steel, copper, and other metal materials as the base material, are machined and formed, and then carry out protective and decorative treatments on the surface.

02. Product Features

1) The fire performance is Class A

2) Easy processing, good molding, high fire resistance

3) Various forms and rich colors can shape ever-changing indoor forms

4) Simple and convenient installation

metal plates

03. Material Category

The material forms used in metal decorative panels are mainly divided into metal plates, metal strips, and metal tubes.

Aside from the use of some irregular metal decorative sheet as ceilings (such as polygons, triangles, special-shaped metals, etc.), the metal ceilings used for independent ceilings are mainly modular metal materials. The main forms of these modular metal plates are There are strips, grids, squares, wide plates, nets and other forms.

A.  NStrip metal plate

B. Metal plate

C. Metal coupons

Metal coupons

D. Round metal hanging board

Round metal hanging board

E. Metal grille

Metal grille

F. Metal expansion mesh

04. Common Parameters

1) The common specifications of modular metal materials used for suspended ceilings are 300*600, 600*600, 500*500, 600*1200, etc.;

2) Common specifications of metal strips are 30, 80, 130, 150, 180, 225, 300mm wide, etc.;

3) The metal grille is a continuous transparent decorative block, which plays a certain role in concealing the water, wind, electricity, fire-fighting equipment, etc. inside the ceiling, has low cost and fast construction, and is widely used in public buildings. Commonly used specifications are 100/200 tabs, 20/50/15 squares, 100/150 grids, etc.

05. Installation Process

The node method of metal ceiling is mainly divided into “open frame type”, “concealed frame type”, “hook-type” and other forms that are convenient for later maintenance.

1) Concealed metal ceiling

2) Open-frame metal ceiling

3) Hook-type ceiling installation


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