Commercial interior design is critical to the modern workspace. No matter what industry you work in, your professional space is where business gets done. A well-designed commercial space can make employees and clients happier. It directly reflects the tone of your brand and to some extent determines how your customers perceive you. So, good design services are about you, your employees, and your clients

In the context of globalization, we are in an increasingly competitive era, and businesses are working hard on space design. The form of commercial design has long gone beyond the simple and boring straight lines of the past. Some businessmen with good taste have started to innovate in the form of space in order to create a lively and interesting commercial space with good taste.

Using a curved wall to subdivide a large open room or define a break in a large space is an ideal choice. curves wall can make your Commercial space more dynamic, making your space a unique sculptural statement. If you use stainless steel material, it can be more modern.

here’re five curved metal wall ideas:

1.Stainless steel PVD curve sheet

Today, stainless steel is the most popular material for decorative design, it is durable and beautiful. With fine finishing, it can match almost any design idea you have. Likewise, stainless steel sheets are available in a wide range of colors for you to choose from. Choose the color of stainless steel surface you want, and with the right finish, becomes a curved panel. It is sure to make a difference to your space!

2.Metal curved wall combined with light design

Metal and light always collide with different sparks, metal can reflect the surrounding light, different metal surfaces on the light reflection effect is different, for example, a mirror and matte surfaces of the metal reflection will present a completely different visual experience. This fascinating characteristic of metal also gives designers a lot of room to play. The curved metal wall combined with the design of lighting increases the interest in the space and makes the scene feel more luxurious.

3.Artist antique stainless steel wall

Artistic antique stainless steel is a great innovation in the field of stainless steel decorative materials! Stainless steel surfaces, through a series of physical and chemical treatments. It is able to create a surface texture that is rich in color. The rich colors and textures combined with the design curves allow the wall itself to become the focal point of the space. No more complicated decorations are needed.

4.Custom laser cutting stainless steel curved wall

The curved metal wall is combined with a delicate laser-cutting process. It should be called more of a work of art than an engineered product. Use your imagination, if combined with the lighting design. It will catch everyone’s eye. The light will also turn through the holes in the metal to cast a unique shadow on the wall. But this product requires a very high level of craftsmanship. It just so happens that we have more than 10 years of experience in manufacturing metal products, and we are able to help you reach all your design ideas perfectly.

5. Stainless steel&other material curve wall

I think every designer will not deny that different materials have their unique temperament and texture. It makes up the basic elements of our design. In the case of metal, it can be combined with many materials, thus forming a wonderful collision. For example, metal and glass, metal and stone, metal and wood, metal and acrylic, etc. The design of the curved wall shown in the picture perfectly takes into account the cost of the project and the aesthetics. The wood balances the tension of the metal very well. The use of grating to form the curved wall makes the project easier to construct.

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