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△(Paul Cocksedge)

—— Paul Cocksedge《Freeze》

“What fascinates me is how everything from the earth and water, to our own bodies and skin, and even the universe itself, is constantly expanding and contracting.

The pieces that make up Freeze are definitely big, heavy, and solid, but that’s what makes them even more unique, because they’re held together by invisible forces, or even ‘frozen’ by forces that we can’t even perceive. “

—— Paul Cocksedge《Freeze》

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△ Please Be Seated,2019

Paul Cocksedge, born in 1979, is a well-known cross-border designer and graduated from the Royal College of Art in the United Kingdom. His works span various fields such as architecture, interior, product, installation, etc., and integrates various knowledge theories such as physics and chemistry.

Paul Cocksedge is very good at combining art and functionality. He can keenly perceive the daily affairs and human life around him, and turn them into inspiration for his works, so that they can return to the daily life.

stainless steel table

In 2015, Friedman Benda Gallery in New York exhibited Paul Cocksedge, a series of furniture made by combining various metals.

stainless steel table

Traditional techniques (such as welding) cannot easily join these dissimilar metals together, and today let’s find out how Paul Cocksedge does it.

– Process Overview –

tainless steel table

Cocksedge has developed a method of bonding dissimilar metals together through the freeze/thaw method, which binds dissimilar materials together through contraction and expansion to form strong joints.

He presents 3 tables with different metal surfaces at Friedman Benda.

stainless steel table

The 1st table used only two metals: copper for the cylindrical base and aluminum for its rounded top.

The copper table legs are cooled and reduced in size by freezing technology, and then their measurements are calibrated, inserted into the holes of the aluminum plate while kept frozen, and form a seamless connection at room temperature.

The 2nd table uses the same method to create a ring table with a more complex top with concentric rings of brass, steel, copper, and aluminum.

metal table

The 12pcs metal concentric rings are seamlessly connected by liquid nitrogen freezing, and then the transparent acrylic sheet is cut into slices, and a giant furnace is used to melt the acrylic sheet. When the material cools, gravity forms the height difference between the table legs and the tabletop.

The 3rd table, called the poly-round table, uses a round carbon steel top with dozens of holes into which stainless steel rods are embedded.

stainless steel artwork

The silver stainless steel plug contrasts with the dark matte finish. Both the Ring Table and the Multi Round Table have a clear varnish finish to maintain their polished finish.

stainless steel artwork

Put 1000 pieces of frozen stainless steel into the carbon steel tabletop with a circular hole drilled,

Paint again to maintain its polished surface ↓

The exhibit also includes a bench with four backrests that pass through the seat and double as legs.

The seat backs are angled to create a conversational arrangement and provide stability to the piece.

metal artwork

‘Slice’ uses heat and gravity to form a single piece of acrylic ↓

Authentic use of the natural environment↓

metal workshop

First, bury the four copper legs in the snow so that they shrink by 100mm;

Then, dig out the legs and insert them into the holes cut in the aluminum plate;

Finally, it is thawed to ambient temperature so that it is firmly held together and the joints are not visible.

A chair made using the same technique↓

——Paul Cocksedge

“You can’t even imagine it, and you definitely can’t see it, because this invisible distance that allows us to lock the metals together, and let it becomes an invisible connection and a very strong connection.”

—Paul Cocksedge

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metal artwork application

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